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Sales Representative

Lindsey naturally gravitates towards challenges, which she found in a clinical setting for nearly 10 years as a Perfusionist.  As she grew in her career, she found herself drawn to a more dynamic role within her profession. She found the perfect fit with Shamrock Surgical where she support a broad network of clinicians and patients with exciting technology.  

Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from The Ohio State University and followed with a certificate in Circulation Technology at the same institution.  After moving to the West Coast, she decided to trial both entrepreneurship and surfing, both of which offered great challenge and reward. This entrepreneurial and driven spirit make her a great resource for her customers as she always find a way to get things done.

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys life to the fullest. Whether chasing the perfect wave up the California coast, exploring the world, or simply enjoying a great cup of coffee, she is sure to be fully in the moment.